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Old fashioned booking does not belong modern world

Paper work takes much more time than digital accounting, also it comes often with high mistake rate. It is exactly why exchangers loses money and causes bankruptcy


Easy and smooth

Ariyana Has been made to cover what an exchanger needs to take care of his business. For any level of education and experience, we have a solution.


Constant updating

As the world economy is changing we have to adjust our product as well. Therefore we contantly update our platform. New features will be offered every couple months


Certified and qualified

Our product has been in the market since many years ago. Many expert exchangers are using our solution and confirm that our solution workes properly for the business


Smart Data management

Ariyana has the benefits of smart data management, letting us to deliver a high speed on huge data volumes. you won't recongize a difference even your data is as big as a bank



Since we started our mission, there never has been a leak on our platform. our high performance security and backup solution protects your data and provides a secure enviroment for you and users.



Ariyana is a crossplaform/cloud-based solution, meaning that you can access your data from anywhere you want, anytime you want, the way you want. Mobile, Web,Windows, MacOS

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Our customer's trust bases on our services

Quality and speed are our priorities. We believe that our credit and trust come from the level of our services.


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